Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Cosmetic Mole and Skin Tag removal is a simple, no cuts, no stitches, painless procedure to remove unsightly Moles and Skin Tags. ClearSkin cosmetic Mole and Skin Tag removal is also very affordable

Who is this treatment suitable for?

Anyone with moles or skin tags they would like removed.

How does it work?

Radio frequency seals as it cuts the lesion on any area of the body, minimising bleeding, and leaving a smooth surface which forms a superficial scab.

What should I expect after my treatment?

Provided it is left to heal naturally (generally 7 to 10 days), there is rarely any scarring at the treatment site. There may be a slight colour difference in the treated skin (compared to the surrounding skin) but this fades and blends over time.

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment is sufficient to remove each lesion.

How much does it cost?

Full Mole Screening: €99. All moles are examined using a dermatoscope. 

Mole Removal and Lab Test: €170 for a single treatment removing 1 mole. 

Skin Tag Removal: €170 for a single treatment removing up to 3 skin tags.

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Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Growths treated include moles, skin tags, seborrhoiec keratoses, warts, verruccas, and other raised lesions.

Areas That Can Be Treated

- Face: the technique is particularly useful for facial growths and spots as there is no scarring and the healing period is short.

- Armpits/Breasts/Neck: These are common sites of fleshy growths called skin tags. The technique is often used to remove skin tags under the armpits and under the breasts and in the V of the neck.

- Hands: To remove solar keratoses and other growths.

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