Laser Hair Removal

ClearSkin offer the most affordable and experienced laser hair removal service in Ireland.

We have highly trained professional therapists and use medical grade laser hair removal machines. Not only do we offer the most affordable prices but you can choose a time and a therapist that suits you.

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Red Vein Removalal

Remove unwanted red veins around your nose, cheeks, face and chests with our specialised laser technology. Our red vein laser instantly removes veins, red spots + facial capillaries.

WHO IS THIS TREATMENT SUITABLE FOR? Anyone with small red veins visible on their face and chest. This treatment is suitable for women and men of any age.

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Freckle And Pigment Removal

Do you have unwanted pigmentation, brown spots or age spots on your skin? ClearSkin has a number of specialised lasers that treat freckles & pigmentation. Known as the experts in freckle & pigmentation removal, ClearSkin use trusted medical grade lasers that effectively treat the pigmentation to remove it permanently after treatments.

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