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Fat Attack Pack

The Fat Attack Pack is brilliant for anyone struggling to lose weight or shift cellulite.

The pack includes 2 body treatments.

Step 1 is a choice of VelaShape or RF Skin Tightening. These treatments are great for targeting your problem area and can tackle loose skin, cellulite or stubborn fat pockets.

Step 2 is a session in our heated slimming blanket which burns calories, detoxes the body, improves circulation and reduces cellulite. You will also notice an improvement in skin tone and skin elasticity following treatment. The deep heat which radiates from the slimming blanket is very relaxing and can help to soothe stiff muscles, sore joints and reduce stress levels.

Price: The pack costs €125 so you get 2 body treatments for less than the price of 1.

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T&C apply. Step 1 targets 1 problem area so you must choose 1 area for this treatment i.e bum or back of thighs etc.

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