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The Prevention Pack

The perfect facial for fine lines, anti aging or acne scarring

The Prevention Pack is €150 and includes;

  • A light derma pen treatment
  • A vitamin infusion facial
  • LED light therapy

The derma pen treatment causes tiny, controlled punctures in the skin. When the skin sustains an injury it goes straight into repair mode and starts producing collagen and elastin. When we target acne scars or aging skin with this treatment it causes new collagen to grow in these areas of concern.

The vitamin infusion facial feeds the lower layers of the skin, where all the activity happens, with amazing ingredients. LED light therapy stimulates collagen and elastin and can also kill acne bacteria in the skin. NASA have been using LED light therapy for decades for its quick healing properties.

This facial is worth over €370 but is available at the special offer price of €150.

The skin can be slightly red for 0 - 4 days following treatment.

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